Sunday, May 4, 2008

Mother Nature at It's Best

Crazy story about this day at the beach. I was talking to my mom the next day, and asked what she did over the weekend. It turns out she was at the same beach as us. She was only 50 yards to our left, by the tide pools. We never once saw each other. What a jip. In the first picture, you'll see some of us looking at the Whale in the distance. Click on the picture for a better view.

Jellyfish sandwich anyone?

The kids had fun burying Taub.

"I want to be buried too."

When you don't want to swim in the cold ocean water, the next best thing is the warm sand.

Just chillin'.


Ange went crazy in the sand. He was covered from head to toe, and was still happy as a clam.

This was funny. Raegan saw a seagull and said, "I'm going to go catch the ducky." Pretty cute stuff.


Aub said...

I want those pictures - of camping and the beach! We have zero, and it was so fun!

Brooke and Tami said...

No problem!

Amber said...

yay- your whale picture turned out!
Good times for sure:)

Bryan H said...

Nice post...especially b/c you get to see my whiteness juxtaposed w/mikey's glimmering scalp. Excellent.

b + j = calculus said...

nice, tami... you got a picture of me picking my swimsuit out of my bootie! love it!

Brooke and Tami said...

James, I noticed that after I posted. It was the only picture of the whale I got before my camera died. I just wanted to prove to Bryan that we did see a whale. Sorry. Cute tush though. :)

Fergulicous said...

Hey, jaime I didn't know it was your bootie, thought it was Tami's. It is nice though!j/k I wish we lived a little closer to the beach. I love the picture of your little boys face, so cute.

Fergulicous said...

By the way, what is this James business? Is Brian's first name really James, I'm taking a guess here!