Friday, May 9, 2008

Brooke and Ryan's Birthday

Brooke's cousin Billy and his family, Angie, Ryan, and Sierra, came from out of state to celebrate their daughter Ryan's birthday. It just so happens that her birthday is the same day as Brooke's. So they invited us along with them for the celebration. Ryan's first birthday wish was to go to the beach. We went to the same beach that we've been going to the past couple of times, but it was freezing cold. Crazy enough the kids still played in the water. Especially Caitlyn, and Billy's Ryan. Nutty kids! Andrew was leaning over and eating the sand. I said to him, "Andy, don't eat the sand!" Then Ry Guy replied,"Maybe he wants to eat a sandwich." Funny kid. We checked out the tide pools, and found a couple of decent sized crabs. One of which Billy caught, and planned to cook, but then let him go. We even caught a glimpse of a whale again. After that we headed to a beach with a fire pit, and started a bon fire to warm up, and eat dinner. Even with the cold it was a great day.

On their actual birthday, we went to Ryan's second birthday wish. Disneyland. The first ride everyone but Andy and I went on, was Space Mountain. When Ryan got off the ride he told Brooke, "I hate that ride!" He was afraid to go on rides for a while,but ended up liking Splash Mountain, and Thunder Mountain the best. Since I couldn't hit the big rides, me and Andy went on the easy rides together. Kira and Caitlyn's favorite was Space Mountain, even though they were scared after the first time going on it. Brooke and Ryan had a most wonderful birthday. We all enjoyed it.


Billy and Katie said...

I LOVE Kira's hair!

Amber said...

So glad Brooke had a good birthday! It's so fun that it turned out to be the same time Billy and fam were visiting!
My favorite pic is the one of you and Brooke in front of the castle. (love that it shows your cute pregnant belly too:)

Angi said...

I love the pictures!! After we left you guys, both Ryan and Sierra said how much they missed the kids already and when can we go back?! Thanks for the great time. We love you.....Billy and Angi

Aub said...

Happy Birthday Brooke!It looks like you all had a blast!