Thursday, May 1, 2008

Kid's Say and Do the Darndest Things

Yesterday, Ryan was my early morning alarm clock. It was something like this, "MOM! Andrew is poopy, and his diaper is off!" So, I jump out of bed, and hurried upstairs. I'm expecting smelly wall and bed art. To my relief, Andrew was standing in his bed, diaper on, pajama's still on, and not poopy at all. Where in the world would Ryan get that kind of prankster idea. Hmmmm.

Also yesterday, Kira sometimes switches the laundry for me. Last night she was in the laundry room, so I went to check up on her. She was on top of the washer throwing wet clothes onto the floor (I know, cute already, but it gets better). On the floor, standing in front of the dryer was Andrew. He was picking the wet clothes up off of the floor, and putting it into the dryer. No kidding. I wish I had it filmed. My one year old already doing chores, and without being asked. Kira is such a good example.


Bryan H said...

Tami, that is stinkin funny. Both stories. I had a good mental image of both, and I am still ROTFLOL!

the man said...

that is awesome, you should probably walk around with a camera around your neck your kids are so funny. I really thought Ryan had pooped on the floor and blamed it on andrew though.. that would've been funnier!