Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Happy Day!

Josh is now one month, so I thought I would take some pictures of him in his blessing outfit that his grammy made him. After I got him in his outfit he started smiling. I thought as usual that it was probably gas, but then he just kept smilin' with no burp's or farts. His first genuine smiles. What an exciting day. On top of that, today was National Walk to School Day. Brooke, the kids and I got up extra early, and met at the park with the rest of those willing to participate. There was quite a turn out. We had a police escort, the Principal, some teachers, and a reporter from the local paper all there. The walk to school is about a mile and a half. It was pretty fun, and we did is as a family which made it even better.


heather said...

He is way too cute! He is going to be so big by the time I actually get to meet him. Christmas needs to come sooner!

M and M McIntosh said...

I can't believe he's a month old, (or older), now! He's so cute!

Mike said...

Does Joshua have "Jazz" hands? It's showtime!