Sunday, September 14, 2008

Rock Band

My brother Todd, and his wife Aubrey are in town for the weekend. We went to my brother Jesse's home to celebrate his wife, Kelly's birthday. While we were there, we spend a large chunk of time playing Rock Band. Brooke, Jesse, and I have a band that goes on tour called Fedex. Here are some photos of each of us rocking out. Caitlyn is really good on the guitar. I made Joshua a onesie with the name fedex on it. He looks like he's playing air guitar. Notice Andrew's little tongue hanging out as he plays. Kira totally rocked it out on the drums. Ryan is concentrating hard on getting all the notes. Watch out for a new family band. The Horspool 5.


Aub said...

haha i bet kira can waste me on those drums! I love the name too!

Jill Land said...

FEDEX ROCKS! Such concentration! I love the air guitar, he's a natural!