Sunday, July 13, 2008

Huge Slip-n-Slide

Check out this AWESOME Slip-n-Slide that Ryan Molnar Rigged up. The kids had a blast on the 4th going down this huge monstrosity of a slide. What a ride!


Letti said...

HI Tami it's Letti remember me? I found your blog off of Leeann Fewkes blog. Your kids are so cute and your girls look just like This waterslide looks like so much fun.

Aub said...

We have done the slip-n-slide alot with the girls i work with but i always stand back and take pictures! That slide looks like a blast! and you did a really good job at rhe picture taking!

Amber said...

i'm glad no one got hurt! i should've tried it, huh?!