Monday, April 21, 2008

Andrew's 1st Birthday Par-tay

What a most fantastic weekend we had! On my birthday, we went to the beach. It started out a little chili, and cloudy. Then the clouds parted, and the sun shone down upon us. It was beautiful! It was one of my favorite birthdays so far. Then on Sunday, we celebrated Andrew's birthday. He loved having everyone sing to him, but didn't care for the cake so much. He just wanted the marshmallows I put around the perimeter. For a decoration, I used Andrew's present which was two tractors, and added torn up pieces of chocolate cake to look like dirt. I got the idea from Kira did the cutest thing at the party. My sister was holding Andrew, and Kira goes up to her and says," I'll take Andrew, so you can go get something to eat." What a sweetheart! All in all, we had a great time. Thank you for everyone that came to our birthday parties! For those that were sick, working, or in another state, we missed you, and know you would have come if you could. We love you all so much!


Bryan H said...

Poor Andrew...he is a clean kiddo and here everybody was rubbing him full of chocolate! What a funny guy. That was a lot of fun to celebrate birthday's this last weekend!

the man said...

we wish we could've been there! good times without us :(

Billy and Katie said...

So cute! I love the cake idea too! I made Lia's first b-day cake and I remember I was so mad she wasn't smashing it... so I did it for her.