Monday, December 1, 2008

Tour of the Conference Center

While we were in Utah, we decided to take a tour of the conference center. There were a lot of interesting facts about it. For instance, it seats around 21,000 people. Amazing! This first shot is of Brooke's brother Paul, their family minus Maddie, an us on top of the CC. It had an amazing view of the valley, and of the Temple. It was pretty.

This is also on on top of the CC. The tour guide told us that this is how the Pioneers saw the valley as they first entered Utah. He told us that this is the only unkept garden that the Church has. In the spring, this is full of wild flowers, and is quite colorful.

This is on top of the CC too. It represents all the people on the earth that will receive the Gospel. You can even see our reflection in it.

Brooke and Ryan listen to the words of Jesus, or at least pretending to.

This art gallery holds all of the original artwork of the Book of Mormon. You can view this artwork in your gospel art kit.

This was taken on the bottom level of the CC. I just thought it was cool.

This last shot is of one of the Christmas trees that was in the CC. I thought it was pretty cool. It says Follow the Prophet in big letters, and has a picture of all of the Latter-day Prophets. Unfortunately, someone decided it wasn't good enough so they started to take it down right in front of us.


KRISTIE said...

how random, we went to Utah too!!
See you at christmas!

Jill Land said...

Sounds like you guys had a great trip! Thanks for sharing the pics. I think that the CC is pretty awsome too!

Rach said...


Love the blog. Looks like you had a fun time in UT. we were in st. george for thanksgiving and it was just as wet. hopefully we will see you at christmas.

the man said...

you know i always say i don't miss Utah, but then I see pics and sometimes I do miss it.... that's when I go to the beach and I feel better :) Is Emily taller than Nat? She's growing up fast!!