Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back to School

The girls started school this week. Caitlyn is now a big 4th grader. Yikes! She was happy to go back to school this year. She loves her new teacher, and has had a very positive attitude, with the exception of having her picture taken at school. She was mortified! Kira is now in 1st grade. Hurray for the full day schedule! She too loves being back at school, and is enjoying her new teacher, and friends. She comes home excited to do homework. Hope that lasts. It's been quiet at home with them gone, but the boys and I are enjoying spending time with one another without girlish distractions.


Jill Land said...

Fun times! Isaac started kindergarten this week too! Hey, we missed Caitlyn last Tues, (2 Tues ago) for Acheivement Day :(

Brooke and Tami said...

Sorry Jill. I was at the doctors, and she was at grandmas house.