Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Kindy Car 500

Kira and I worked on her Kindy Car for several hours yesterday. It was for the kindergarten Kindy Car Parade today. We are pleased with the end result. There were a lot of really cool cars that I included in this post. You can tell they started on this project early, seeing as we got the notice 3 weeks ago.

The Ice Cream Truck

The Farmer's Truck

The Postal Truck

The Transformer or "Optimis Prime"

And everyone's favorite, The Race Car. Ryan told the kid, "You're car is so cool!" The kid posed for my picture.


Bryan said...

Duct tape makes anything super cool. I am glad to see Ryan figured that out at such a young age. And, congrats! May you reach the Horspool 7, if you know what I mean.

Amber said...

How fun! Kiki's is the cutest:) I love it! Ask her if she'll make me one too.