Thursday, February 21, 2008

Road Trip

A couple of weeks ago, our family traveled to Utah for Taylor and Aubree's wedding. The trip was way fun! We started off our visit with my brother Todd and his wife Aubrey. Next we headed to Park City. We were lucky enough to visit our friends the Fredrick's, but didn't have enough time for the ski day we wanted. It was worth it though, because we got to attend the Temple twice. What better way to spend your time, right? The wedding was beautiful. The reception was too. We are so happy for Tay Tay. I knew he'd pick a winner. I think that the only reason he took so long is, because he wanted the best. He scored. Finally, we headed back home Monday, after a final night with my bro. As you can see from the pics, the kids were happy. They traveled quite well if I must say. Thank goodness. I don't have any other pictures, because my sd card isn't working right. I only have these pictures, because Caitlyn took them. Thanks Caitie!


Amber said...

Those pics make your car look so comfy to travel in!

Fergulicous said...

I like your new header. You have such a cute fam.

The Man said...

when are we going to maui yo? You can hang in my crib, I will show you my hood. Miss ya'll!