Friday, January 11, 2008


Brooke and I are truly blessed to have these four spectacular kids. Caitlyn, the oldest, has always been kind and compassionate. She also has a fun silliness about her. Kira, # 2, has changed the most in the last year. Those toddler tantrums have disappeared, and a sweet, helpful, girl has emerged. She is a joy to be around. Ryan, #3, is all boy. Except when he's playing dress up with Kira. Just kidding folks. He too is a ball of fun. Even though he likes to push every one's buttons, he still has a pretty tender heart. He looks out for his siblings. Andrew, our final child, is so cute and snugly. He likes to be involved in all the action. I am grateful for my little one's!


b + j = calculus said...

Dang you have cute kids...and I guess in this side by side comparison Ryan and Andrew really aren't twins! hehehe

Fergulicous said...

Your kids are so cute. It's fun how they all can be so different.

Aub said...

did you get our email?
we just heard a rumor... 1,2,3,4... 5? "is it a secret or are you going to announce it at dinner?"