Monday, November 5, 2007

Family Home Evening

We had a spurt of the moment FHE pumking carving night. I was totally in the mood to try new soup recipes so we had dinner too. I made acorn squash bisque (which is basically baby food) it was delicious. I also made corn chowder from scratch as well, and a store bought ministrone. I think the ministrone was the most popular though. Mom Horspool/Grandma Kathy made her mouth watering cinnamon rolls. mmmmm... Amber brought her homemade applesauce, made with red hots I might add. It was all very tasty. A perfect fall combo. The dads did there usual. Yep! You guessed it...Monday Night Football, along with work related discussions. The usual. Then we moved on to what brought us all together in the first place.....PUMPKINS!

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Amber Horspool said...

That was so fun! Thanks again for the fun pumpkin night! I love spur of the moment invitations to dinner:)